Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why mo-19 mask?

Ans: Minimalistic, comfortable and functional design, mo-19 masks are manufactured with SMP Technology fabric.  Feel and look good while doing our part to reduce plastic waste and the climate change impact of policy requirements for the wearing of face masks.

2. Does mo-19 mask really kill bacteria as claimed?

Ans: The SMP Technology which we utilized in our products are tested and proven in Labs. This technology is patented in many countries including Singapore.

3. How can I ensure the right size for my face?

Ans: Please refer to the sizing chart for fitting guide and purchase the mask according to the recommended fit.    

4. How often should I wash the mo-19 mask?

Ans: Handwash with gentle soap is recommended. Do not machine wash. Outer layer of the mask is water repellent, not waterproof. Thus prolong soaking in water will still result in water penetrating the fabric. Read our care instructions.

5. Is the mask effective against the new Corona virus?

Ans: Wearing a mask alone does not guarantee protection from Covid-19 infection. According to an analysis by scientists at University College London, led by Prof Mark Miodownik; they say that according to the best evidence, reusable masks perform most of the tasks of single-use masks without the associated waste stream.

6. Will the mo-19 mask be harmful for prolong usage?

Ans: NO. It is not harmful for prolong usage. The SMP Technology is tested and approved by standardizing bodies in countries across the world. Comparison chart against Nano Technology

7. Is it necessary to place the filter into the mask?

Ans: The mask with the SMP Technology will suffice for general protection on individuals. The addition of the PFE95 filter insert will enhance the protection, thus it is offered as an option for consumers.

8. What is the filtration rate of the mo-19 filter? 

Ans:The mo-19 melt blown filter can filter more than 95% of bacteria as tested in labs. Filter usage instruction: The filter comes with a layer of film. Place the filter into the reusable mask, remove the film once inserted into the mask. (filter sold separately). Filter is recommended when individuals need more protection. 

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9. When will I receive my orders?

Ans: Normally it will be within a week from order confirmation. Should there be any issues, our staff will contact you. If you need further clarification, please contact us.  

10. What is the shipping charges for overseas purchase?

Ans: Currently we are just serving the needs for Singapore domestically. Thus there will be no overseas shipping till further notice. Please contact us if you require more assistance. 

11. Can I return the items after purchase?

Ans: We will not entertain refund or accept returns due to hygiene reasons. Customers are advised to ensure the right sizing before checkout. Please contact us if the cause of return is due to items defect and the right of returns/refund will be subject to our discretion. 


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