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Word by Jonathan Evans
Photo by Amy Wong

During the coronavirus crisis of recent months, face masks have made a swift return to the streets as users have sought to protect themselves against infection. The mo-19 mask, made in Macau using patented SMP technology, has many benefits over other masks available on the market. For increased consumer confidence, products using SMP have also been tested and approved by official standardising bodies in countries across the world, including China, Australia and Germany.

So what makes the mo-19 such an effective mask? It’s reusable, for one thing, washable at least 50 times and anti-bacteria. What’s more, it can be worn with our mo-19 filter (BFE 99%) not just to protect against the viral threat but to prevent contact with dust, smoke and pollen, making it an all-purpose preventative mask.


Advanced protection aside, there are all kinds of other advantages to using the mo-19 – not least with its eco-friendly manufacturing and frequent-washing facility, which negates the environmental damage caused by single-use masks. It’s made with the modern consumer in mind, with three different sizes for increased individual comfort: small (13cm x 18cm), medium (14cm x 20cm) and large (15cm x 22cm).

The antibacterial potency of the mask can be further reinforced by PFE (Particle Filtration Efficiency)-certified filters and a reusable, sustainable polyester-and-cotton mask pouch, which is available in two sizes. Both of these complementary products are sold separately.


The real magic of the mo-19 mask lies in the SMP (silver micron particle) technology woven into its fabric, which is so effective that it continues to annihilate bacteria even when the mask is covered by other materials of up to 50 um in thickness.

SMP works by creating a dry-heat process within the fabric that forms particles containing silver. A binding effect, or suction, causes the negative-charged bacteria to gravitate towards the positive charge of the SMP within the fabric before being zapped. The particles disrupt the unhealthy environment by preventing bacterial respiration and nutrition, and thus rapidly destroy it. The scientific process also promotes the healing of wounds and removes odour.

In these uncertain times, buy yourself some extra peace of mind when you’re outdoors with the enhanced protection of the mo-19 mask, along with the handy face-mask pouch and the extra filters.

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